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Here at Edinburgh Barber we share our years of experience with you. We produce a variety of different hair and beard style/models that work with each individual customer taking into consideration  face and head structure.  We work hard to get the desired results and strive on having good customer experiences and services.

We have a saying that the most important accessory you can have is your hair and beard style. You can dress very smart and well, but if your hair and beard style aren't up to scratch this can destroy your look. When we first meet and come face to face with people in life, one of the first things we notice and pay careful attention  to is their looks - their style - their haircut.  This saying a good quality haircut and beard trim are important feature accessories.

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We are not only cutting and styling hair and beards - our job is to direct our guests to try new models,

by applying the innovations that have not been presented to them personally so that they trust us to love them more.

Hair is the first picture of Self-confidence.

Men's hairstyles;

Men's hairstyles vary according to the person's facial structure and head shape. Not all hairstyles may be suitable for everyone. The important thing is to cut the desired model to suit the hair, face and head type. Of course, that's why our customers choose us. Our expectations are to confidently show you desired and liked men's fashion hairstyles with a few different photos and to reach the results in line with your wishes. You dream, we style and produce.

We know that hair styling is important for all men. The first thing is importance in hair styling and the analysis of the customer's hair structure. The types of hair structure are as follows. Fine hair, Thick hair, Sparse hair, Curly hair, Straight hair, Wavy hair, Treated hair etc.. The styling products used in our salon are selected accordingly to the hair structure of the person.







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